Designer Victoria


Victoria Luxury Silk  - French Designer

Discover Victoria’s high-end fashion luxury collection of silk kaftans, dresses, scarves and linens. Exclusive and unique designs made with sumptuous noble materials including Silk Twill, Silk Crepe, Silk Satin, Silk Chiffon, Silk Duchess, and Silk Satin. Victoria's designs are both modern and traditional, and  provide magnificent lines for every woman who desires elegance and sexy chic wear.

Victoria’s designs are harmoniously embellished with unique necklaces of fine cut crystals carefully selected  for each piece. Much of the silk artwork features python and crocodile leathers, leopard, tiger and lion furs, turtle shells, flowers, and bird feathers.

Professional boutiques: French fashion designer Victoria brings you the opportunity to offer her highly sought after, unique and original garments to your clients. Victoria’s creations may be customized according to your requirements. For larger orders please contact us with special requests. Victoria will gladly produce any design of your choice.

About Victoria

victoria luxury silk

Victoria’s designs are inspired by her extensive worldly travels and by the natural beauty of our mother earth. She shares the images of the beautiful animals she has encountered in many of her fine designs exclusively with you so that you too may experience the great beauty of their exotic nature. Victoria is also very passionate about the American Indian culture which can also be seen influencing her work, adding a touch of the spiritual and mystical aspects of life. Adding to these beautifully reproduced natural images are dazzling fine cut crystals to enhance the refined quality and chic of her highly artistic work. Victoria has always been a lover of animals and nature.  She also loves mountain climbing and river rafting. Victoria is a strong advocate for animal rights, inspired by the charity work for animal rights of another French icon, Brigitte Bardo.